Rcent Persian Recipes

vegetarian fesenjan recipe

Vegetarian Fesenjan Recipe | Aubergine Fesenjan For Vegans

Most Iranians love Fesenjan, but you may have never tried Fesenjan with eggplant or vegetarian…

Dec 12, 2022
gheymeh with eggplan recipe

Khoresh Gheymeh Bademjan Recipe | Persian Gheimeh Eggplant Stew

Gheymeh Bademjan stew is a traditional Persian food that can be prepared in a variety…

Dec 7, 2022
persian herb stew ghormeh sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe | Easy persian herb stew

Persian ghormeh sabzi stew is a traditional Iranian food with a long history. This delicious stew is cooked…

Dec 6, 2022
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