Vegetarian Fesenjan Recipe | Aubergine Fesenjan For Vegans

vegetarian fesenjan recipe

Most Iranians love Fesenjan, but you may have never tried Fesenjan with eggplant or vegetarian fesenjan. This stew is one of the authentic meals of Gilan, which is located in northern Iran, and is made with a main combination of walnuts and eggplants. Maybe you’d like to try Fesenjan without the chicken and with eggplant. So stick with us for the vegan fesenjan recipe.

Eggplant Fesenjan Recipe

We’ve always enjoyed Fesenjan with walnuts, poultry, or meat, but this time we’d want to introduce you to a whole different kind of Fesenjani which name is aubergine fesenjan.

vegan aubergine fesenjan

vegetarian fesenjan Ingredients

  • 150 grams of walnut kernels (ground)

  • Eggplant, 2 pcs

  • Onion, 1 pc

  • Pomegranate paste, 3 tablespoons

  • Oil, 2 tablespoons

  • Salt, pepper, turmeric

Step 1: Preparation of ingredients

To make vegetarian fesenjan, first peel the eggplants and cut them vertically if possible, then soak them in salt water to eliminate the bitterness and absorb less oil during frying. The onions should then be finely grated. If the walnuts aren’t ready, grind them in a mixing bowl.

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Step 2: Frying onions and walnuts

Heat a pot and then add oil to it. After that, add the onion to the pot and season with salt, pepper, and turmeric.
After the onion changes colour and softens a little, add the ground walnuts to the pot and fry it together with the onion.

Step 3: Add water and pomegranate paste

We add water to the roasted ingredients in this phase of the vegan pomegranate walnut stew recipe. When the water is boiling, add the pomegranate paste and reduce the heat to a low flame until the stew cooks slowly and the walnut oil is released. To cook properly, keep this food on a very low heat for two to three hours.

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Step 4: Fry the eggplants and add to the vegan fesenjan

We rinse the eggplant that we prepared in step one, take the water, and fry it in the oven at this stage and until the vegan pomegranate walnut stew is entirely cooked. The eggplants are then added to the stew around 30 minutes before it is ready to cook. The vegetarian fesenjan stew with eggplant is finished. Serve aubergine fesenjan with saffron rice, salad, and olives, if desired.

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Fesenjan recipe vegan

Vgan pomegranate walnut stew recipe Tips

  • In some recipes, a spoonful of tomato paste is added to Fasanjan in addition to the pomegranate paste, which changes the colour of aubergine fesenjan.
  • If you are not used to eating sour foods, you can reduce the amount of pomegranate paste used in the eggplant fesenjan recipe or even add a little sweetness to the stew.
  • Add the eggplants at the end because if they are cooked for too long, they will be squashed and lose their shape.


What makes Fesenjan vegetarian?

Instead of using poultry or meat, vegetarian Fesenjan relies on plant-based proteins like lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms, or even soy chunks. It still achieves the rich, savory flavor through the walnut and pomegranate molasses base.

How can I adjust the sweetness or tartness of vegetarian Fesenjan?

Start with the recommended amount of pomegranate molasses and taste as you go. Adjust with more molasses for a tangier taste or a touch of maple syrup or brown sugar for added sweetness.

What to serve with Vegetarian Fesenjan?

Traditionally, Aubergine Fesenjan is paired with steamed rice (POLO), but you can try quinoa, couscous, or even crusty bread for dipping. Garnish with fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro, and pomegranate seeds for a pop of color and acidity.

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