Albaloo Polo Recipe (Persian Sour Cherry Rice With Chicken)

albaloo polo with chicken

Albaloo polo (Persian sour cherry rice) is a sort of Iranian polo meal that is considered a seasonal dish owing to the usage of cherry in it. This delectable delicacy originated in the city of Shiraz, but it has since spread throughout Iran and among Iranians. The name “albaloo” refers to the sour cherries that are the star of this dish.

Of course, you may take cherries in the summer and remove the core before freezing them so that you can cook this delightful cuisine throughout the year and enjoy the qualities of cherry, or you can use dried cherries. Cherry is extremely beneficial for anemia, pain reduction, and skin and hair health.

Using the ingredients in this albaloo polo recipe, you can make albaloo rice for four people. Continue your journey with Foodigar by learning how to make albaloo polo ba morgh (Iranian Rice with Cherries and chicken).

albaloo polo recipe

Persian Albaloo Polo With Chicken Recipe

Albaloo polow, as it is known, is a delectable Iranian meal made of rice and sour cherries that is frequently served with chicken. Here’s a recipe for albaloo polo with chicken:

Albaloo Polo Ingredients

  • 1 onion

  • 4 cups of rice

  • Sugar 200 grams

  • 500 grams of fresh cherries

  • Liquid oil in the required amount

  • Chicken breasts or thigh

  • Brewed saffron 1 cup

  • Pistachio and almond slices

  • Salt and black pepper

Step 1: Preparation Of Cherries (Albaloo)

First, we clean the cherries, remove their cores, and place them in a pot. Next, we heat it, add the sugar, and wait for it to boil for 10 minutes. Finally, we heat it, run the cherries through a strainer, and then heat it again until it thickens and is ready to be used as syrup.

Step 2: Cook And Chop The Chicken

Cook two spoons of tomato paste with some oil and pepper in a separate pot, then pour it over the cooked chicken.
Add some melted saffron to the contents of the saucepan after the chicken breast is cooked and approximately half a glass of sauce remains. Let up to two minutes before turning off the flame.

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Set aside the shredded cooked chicken. You may serve the chicken directly next to the albaloo rice if you choose.

Step 3: Prepare the Polo (Pilaf)

We pour water into a pot, sprinkle with salt, and heat until the water boils. Once the water boils, we wash the rice and place it in the boiling water. It falls again, but this time it boils. We stir the rice once and then leave it alone. We take some of the rice out of the water after 5 minutes and test it with our teeth. If the rice is mushy at the edges but hard in the center, it is time to drain it.

Step 4: Mixing Cherries With Rice And Chicken

At this point, we pour a little rice on the bottom of the pot and add a little chicken and cherry, and then add the next layer of rice, chicken, and cherry until we complete the components, as well as half a glass of cherry syrup. 1 tablespoon of oil should be poured over the rice, and the pot should be covered.

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Initially, we raise the heat to create steam within the pot, then we lower the heat until the cherry rice is cooked. Arrange the pilo cherries on a platter and top with pistachio and almond pieces.

Enjoy your Persian food!

persian sour cherry rice

Important tips for preparing albaloo polo ba morgh

  • If you don’t want the cherries to stick together when boiling the rice, melt some butter and dip the cherry in it before brewing the rice.
  • You may make cherry pilu with beef instead of chicken.
  • The amount of sugar you use is up to you; you can increase or reduce it.
  • It is best not to overcook the cherries so that they get smashed.

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Albaloo Polo Recipe FAQs

What should we do to prevent the bottom of the albaloo rice pot from becoming black?

You must place the bottom of the pot when preparing Persian sour cherry rice because the cherry will return to its water and the bottom of the pot will collect. It makes no difference whether you use bread or potatoes for the bottom of the saucepan. This will keep the pot from becoming very hot.

Can we make cherry rice with cherry jam or dried cherries?

Sure, you can make albaloo polo with dried cherries or cherry jam.

How many calories are there in an albaloo polo with chicken?

Albaloo Polo calories are around 286 kcal per 100 grams.

Can I use frozen sour cherries for Albaloo pilaf?

Iranian Albaloo Polo may be made with frozen sour cherries. Just be sure to properly defrost them before cooking.

What can I serve with Albaloo Polo?

It is frequently served with grilled or roasted meat, such as chicken or lamb, as well as a salad or yogurt dip on the side.

Is Albaloo Polo a vegetarian dish?

It is not a vegetarian meal because it typically includes meat, such as chicken or lamb. To make a vegetarian version, eliminate the meat and add extra nuts or vegetables.

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how to make albaloo polo

Persian sour cherry rice Recipe Conclusion

Albaloo Polo ba morgh is an Iranian recipe and one of the oldest Iranian foods, with many followers, particularly during the summer season as a summer food and thirst quencher. It’s noteworthy to note that eating Persian sour cherry rice on hot summer days was a traditional method for preventing heat stroke. This dish has many benefits due to the presence of cherries

Albaloo rice is cooked in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients for supper or party lunch as a meal with chicken or beef. What do you think of this Persian cuisine? Please contact us if you have any queries regarding preparing this dish.

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