Fesenjan Recipe (Persian Pomegranate walnut Chicken Stew)

fesenjan recipe

Fesenjan stew (Persian Pomegranate Chicken), also known as Fesenjoon, is a traditional and tasty Iranian Food. The birthplace and origin of khoresh fesenjan is from Gilan province.
However, because of its distinct and delectable flavor, it is prepared in the majority of Iranian cities. For lunch, this meal is normally served with beef, chicken or duck, and we’ll show you how to make it with chicken this time. Be with best Fesenjan recipe.

Fesenjan history: Persian pomegranate walnut stew is claimed to be one of the oldest traditional Persian recipes, dating back to the Sassanian period. In the northern areas, duck meat and occasionally quail meat are used to make Persian fesenjan. In this section, we will show you how to make authentic fesenjan stew with chicken meat (Persian pomegranate sauce).
This delectable stew is frequently served during Yalda night dinners and other special occasions.

How to make fesenjoon (pomegranate walnut stew)

khoresht fesenjan with chicken is a popular Iranian stew that can be made in a variety of ways. Continue reading the Foodigar website for a complete and step-by-step tutorial on chicken fesenjan recipe.

persian fesenjan

Fesenjoon Ingredients / 4 People

  • chicken breast or thigh, 4 pieces

  • ground walnuts, 400 grams

  • Pomegranate paste, 4 tablespoons

  • tomato paste, 1.5 tablespoons

  • onion, 2 pieces

  • Salt, black pepper, Turmeric and oil

Step 1: Frying onions and chicken

To make a great Persian pomegranate stew with chicken or duck, first chop the onions into small pieces, then heat a suitable pot and add the onion with a little oil and fry properly.

After the onion has turned light, we add turmeric and black pepper and continue to roast it until the aroma of the spices is out. Then, add the chicken pieces to the pot and cook them well.

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Step 2: Add water to the pot

After all the chicken parts have been cooked, add 3 glasses of hot water to the pot and wait for it to begin to boil. Now we take the white foam on the water’s surface and throw it. At this step, we lid the pot and leave the chicken meat to half-cook for 30 minutes.

Step 3:Roasting ground walnuts

While the chicken meat is cooking, we heat a decent saucepan and add some oil to it. Add the ground walnuts to the pan and fry for a few minutes, until the color darkens somewhat. Next, we pour a cup of cold water over the walnuts and simmer them over a low heat while adding oil.

Step 4: Add pomegranate paste and tomato paste

At this stage of Fesenjan recipe, once the walnuts have returned a little oil, we add the tomato paste and pomegranate paste to the pot with the walnuts and combine. We can fry the tomato paste before adding it, if desired.

After 30 minutes of cooking with the pastes, we add half-cooked chicken flesh to the pot, followed by 2 glasses of cold water, and boil the stew for another 30 minutes on low heat.

  • Pomegranate paste is high in both vitamin B and vitamin C. In addition to the low sugar content, it contains calcium, iron, no dietary fiber, and no fat.

Step 5: Put the stew on low heat

After 30 minutes, taste and season with salt. We also add sugar to keep the stew from tasting too sour. Fesenjan (pomegranate walnut stew), like other traditional Iranian foods, gets better the longer it cooks. Finally, ladle the fesenjan sauce into your preferred dish and serve with rice.

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fesenjan recipe authentic

Persian pomegranate chicken recipe Tips

  • The first and most critical step in making this delectable stew is to fully ground the walnuts, as this will return all of the walnut oil to the stew.
  • Grind a fourth of the walnut once and the remainder three times if you want it somewhat chewy.
  • It is preferable to ground the walnut while preparing the fensenjoon (chicken walnut pomegranate stew) in order for it to produce more oil.
  • To avoid adding raw walnuts to the stew, roast the walnuts first. Keep an eye on the roasting time to avoid making the stew bitter.
  • If you prefer a sweeter Chicken Fesenjan stew, add a spoonful of sugar to make it more aromatic and darker. The color of the stew darkens somewhat after adding sugar.
  • If the chicken flesh is entirely cooked, but the stew is still thin, remove it from the pan and return it to the pan after the stew has settled.
  • To measure Persian pomegranate stew pickle, add it gradually and taste the dish after 15 to 30 minutes. If necessary, add pomegranate paste.
  • It takes around five to six hours to cook Fasanjan until the stew is entirely well-cooked, and the oil has been released; therefore wait and allow the stew settle down gradually.
  • If the food has not returned enough oil at the conclusion of cooking, you can add a tiny piece of ice to the stew every 15 minutes for an hour to return the oil.


What is the dish Fesenjan?

Persian walnut pomegranate chickenis a slow-cooked Persian chicken stew composed with chicken breasts or thighs, crushed toasted walnuts, and pomegranate molasses.

How many calories are in Fesenjoon?

200 grams of fesanjan has 528 calories. Fesanjan has 800 calories per serving, which is equal to 14 tablespoons. Fesanjan has a high calorie count as well as a high nutritional value, which comprises the following:

What to serve with fesenjan

Usually, salad Shirazi, olives, yogurt, pickled garlic can be used next to Fesenjan stew.

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